ROAD TO PRO: 90 Day Trader Series

  • 90 Days to PRO
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 90 Days
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Course overview
Go through our 90 Day ROAD TO PRO and our trade team will help guide you on getting your account funded.
  • Course Time: 90 Days
  • Quizzes: 5

What's included?

  • 90 Days
  • 3 Time Released Sections
  • 36 Videos
  • 12 Quizzes
  • 6 Instructors

Become a Professional!

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement a winning trading strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of your trading plan, manage your own trading portfolio and become a PRO trader. 

Everything You Need

Learn a proper mindset, how to analyze the markets, how to read the charts, how to setup and execute a trade, how to manage your portfolio, and how to consistently profit on a funded account. 

Course Lessons